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Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars

You can argue for or against the idea that a Nerf-gun war is a wargame. I'm putting it on this page because I don't have room for it elsewhere. I got the Nerf fever from the teens in my church youth group, a classic case of the students teaching the teacher. And they continue to use Nerf guns to teach me things like humility, honesty, and why target fixation is a bad idea.

In case anyone doesn't know, a Nerf war is a mock battle between two teams or two solo players, armed with one or more of the many types of Nerf blasters. These are toy guns that shoot foam darts with soft rubber tips. There are many different rules for play, most of which involve shooting the other players more often than they shoot you. There's a lot of running and dodging, a lot of darts flying through the air, and a lot of fun to be had.

Anyway, since I can't seem to beat them, I'll try to even the score by teaching them (and you) some things you might not know about Nerf blasters and how best to use them. I can't make you a better shot, but I can help you pick the weapon that's best for you, and help make you a better fighter. I do not claim perfect originality; I claim only that you won't find all this wisdom gathered anyplace else that I know of.

Choosing the Ultimate Nerf Gun
Tactics for Nerf Wars
Rules for Nerf Wars