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The Mad Game-Designer's 2nd Page

My home-made wargames page has grown far beyond my original plans. In fact, it's consuming all my web-site space and leaving no room for other projects. Rather than reduce the amount of stuff that's available for downloading, I've started a second games page. This page is for the big files that no longer fit on my original site, and for the projects that keep growing with no end in sight.

These games are freeware, not public-domain. I retain all rights. You may freely download anything here, but may not make any changes (except for your own personal use) without my express written permission. Beyond that, enjoy!

If you've ever been intrigued by that game of futuristic land combat by a company whose name rhymes with "Hames Nerkslop," but were put off by the cost of figures or the time and skill needed to paint them, this game might be just the ticket. Instead of expensive figures, you use free downloadable counters. Instead of a large gaming table filled with hand-made scenery, you use my M7 maps. If you want a bigger army or a larger map, just download another page and print it. Time-consuming movement and combat rules have been replaced with fast-playing hex-based rules. And all the occult stuff in the original game has been replaced with... nothing at all.

If you're unfamiliar with that game, the premise is straightforward: buy soldiers, vehicles and weapons with the build-points given to you, then fight an enemy of a different alien race. You can also "buy" experience or special skills for your troops, or add a Hero if you think he will help. Some races excel at crunching close combat, while some prefer a fast-moving style; some fight in low-tech swarms, and others prefer high-tech gadgets. Vehicles range from one-man scout bikes to hulking super-tanks. The size of the battle can be a squad of foot soldiers, or a company of 150-plus men with dozens of vehicles, or anything in between. Several basic scenarios are provided with the rules. Almost everything is definable.

This game is a work in progress. Check back frequently -- I'm constantly adding races and fixing glitches in the rules.

NOTE: when printing pages of soldier counters, adjust your top and bottom margins to 0.7" so the bottoms of the counters don't wrap to a second page. These counters were designed for letter-sized paper, not A4-size.

Main Rules (required for all players) 12/16/2005
The StarMarines12/16/2005
The Norx12/16/2005
The Pelgari12/16/2005
The Victors12/16/2005
The Dran Empire12/16/2005
The Ghouls12/16/2005
The N'Kakk Robots 12/16/2005
The Zrutes 12/16/2005
The Saurs 12/16/2005
The Swarm 12/16/2005
The Colonials 12/16/2005
QuickStart -- StarMarines vs Norx 12/16/2005
Optional Rules -- additional units and rules to add spice to the basic game.
Based Infantry12/16/2005
Battle Mechs12/16/2005
The Fixers12/16/2005
Derelict Spaceships12/16/2005

The M8 Map System
Modular hex maps for creating almost any land or land/sea map you can think of. Many of my games use these maps, and other wargames can also use them for a change of pace. These maps differ from my previous M7 maps in that the map tiles are small enough to print on A4-sized paper as well as letter-sized. Most of the zipped files are in the 200-300 MB range. "Maps 090-100" includes the instructions for using the maps. The old M6 and M7 maps are available by request.
Maps 000-00910/04][ Maps 040-04910/04][ Maps 080-08910/04
Maps 010-01910/04][ Maps 050-05910/04][ Maps 090-10010/04
Maps 020-02910/04][ Maps 060-06910/04][
Maps 030-03910/04][ Maps 070-07910/04][

All the Ships
Not a game, but a set of counters for naval battles. If you ever wanted to re-enact Jutland or Leyte Gulf, but your budget for miniatures limited you to the Monitor vs the Virginia, your ships have come in! I'm recreating every major warship that existed from the 1890's to the end of WWII, plus many ships that were started but never finished, or proposed but never built. They are sized for standard hex maps, but they're also suitable for games that use more realistic movement.

They're all to the same scale (roughly 1:9600, or 1 pixel = 8 feet). All ships are drawn as originally built. I used Conway's as my source for ship dimensions and completion dates, and Jane's for overhead views. Counters have a 2-digit year in the upper right corner, which is the year the first ship in that class became available. Some ships appear more than once, like ships that began life as one type but were converted to something else, or ships that were owned by more than one nation.

If you dream of large naval battles, you probably already have a set of game rules in mind. But if you want a very simple set of rules that were written to take advantage of all these counters, my main games page has a game called EasyShip that might be what you're looking for.

If at least two people request a particular navy or ship class, I'll try to add them. If you'd like to be notified when I put new ships on the site, e-mail me and ask to be added to my "All the Ships" mailing list.

I'm indebted to Bob Smart, who is providing many pages of ships on his own initiative, and has improved on my own work in several areas. I'll happily cooperate with anyone else who wants to contribute to this project.

7554 ships in this project so far (not counting airplanes and airships)

France File 01 Carriers, battleships, and cruisers90
France File 02 Destroyers125
Britain File 01 Dreadnoughts, battle-cruisers, and heavy cruisers92
Britain File 02 Pre-dreadnought battleships and armored cruisers90
Britain File 03 Light cruisers [1905-37]92
Britain File 04 Carriers and light cruisers [1938-45]92
Britain File 05 Destroyers [1907-15, 1918]188
Britain File 06 Destroyers [1915-18]187
Britain File 07 Destroyers [1919-39], Abdiel minelayers191
Britain File 08 Destroyers [1935-45]191
Britain File 09 Destroyers and escorts [1940-45]192
Germany File 01 Battleships, battle-cruisers, heavy cruisers, and armored cruisers95
Germany File 02 Carriers, light cruisers and commerce raiders78
Germany File 03 Destroyers [1907-18]179
Germany File 04 Destroyers [1919-45] and submarines192
Italy File 01 Carriers, battleships and cruisers72
Italy File 02 Destroyers and submarines168
Japan File 01 Battleships and cruisers96
Japan File 02 Carriers, pre-WWI light cruisers, destroyers [1928-1941]140
Japan File 03 Destroyers [all others] and battleship/carrier mods177
Russia File 01 Battleships & cruisers83
USA File 01 Battleships, battle-cruisers, armored cruisers. Iowa's, Montana's by Bob Smart96
USA File 02 Heavy cruisers and light cruisers [all but Atlanta's]99
USA File 03 Carriers (by Bob Smart) and light cruisers [Atlanta class]55
USA File 04 Destroyers [1937-42]192
USA File 05 Destroyers [1911-20]192
USA File 06 Destroyers [1910-39]188
USA File 07 Destroyers [1940-44] and frigates192
USA File 08 Destroyer-escorts192
USA File 09 Escort carriers (by Bob Smart)54
USA File 10 USCG cutters, amphibious ships, blimps (by Bob Smart)72
USA File 11 Submarines (by Bob Smart)204
USA File 12 Submarines & sub tenders (by Bob Smart)161
Misc File 01 Sweden, Spain, Austria-Hungary142
Coastal Craft Semi-generic MTB's, minesweepers, and sub-chasers (for 6 navies)156
Special Ships Airships and ocean liners (by Bob Smart)40
Merchant Ships Semi-generic freighters, tankers, troop transports, etc.78
Airplanes Carrier-based and land-based planes (for 2 players)96+96
All the Modern Ships
By popular demand, I'm expanding the "All the Ships" project beyond the end of WWII, right up to the present.
Britain File 01 All types (by Bob Smart)57
Britain File 02 All types (by Bob Smart)128
Britain File 03 USA & British submarines (same as USA file 08)196
Britain File 04 USA & British ballistic-missile submarines (same as USA file 09)68
USSR File 01 Carriers, cruisers, amphibs96
USSR File 02 Destroyers93
USSR File 03 Frigates172
USSR File 04 Fast patrol craft (also good for Warsaw Pact and Third World navies)192
USSR File 05 Submarines (Whiskey class)192
USSR File 06 Submarines192
USSR File 07 Submarines192
USSR File 08 Submarines (mostly PLARBs)95
USA File 01 Carriers and cruisers81
USA File 02 Destroyers up to 1960149
USA File 03 Amphibious ships (by Bob Smart)106
USA File 04 Destroyers after 196080
USA File 05 Frigates (Perry & Knox classes)97
USA File 06 Frigates, escorts, fast patrol craft76
USA File 07 "Fantasy" ships; angled-deck versions of WWII carriers (by Bob Smart)42
USA File 08 USA & British submarines196
USA File 09 USA & British ballistic-missile submarines68
NATO File 01 NATO 1960's ships (by Bob Smart)162
South America File 01 South American navies (by Bob Smart)141
Airplanes Carrier-based and land-based planes, helicopters (for 2 players)102+102
Merchant Ships BIG semi-generic ships -- supertankers, LNG carriers, etc.16