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Mike's Ogre/GEV Page

These are my contributions to the worlds of Ogre and GEV, specifically the miniatures versions of these classic wargames.

What's the appeal in a 25-year-old game? Ogre is one of the few wargames that deserves to be called a classic. It's easy to learn, quick to play, well-tested, and has so much room for expansion and experimentation that, a quarter-century after it was introduced, experienced gamers are still working out all its possibilities. It's suitable for beginners and for grognards, for quick games and for tournaments, for small skirmishes and for battles involving dozens of units. It just doesn't get any better than this. Especially the mini's version, which replaces the original counters with 1/285-scale tanks, hovercraft, and Ogres.


Map Extensions

These home-made map tiles let you enlarge the miniatures-sized Ogre and GEV maps. The map symbols don't look exactly like the "official" map symbols, because (a) I don't have a scanner to scan the maps, and (b) I don't want to infringe on the map makers' copyrights. They will print on A4 or letter-sized paper.

Ogre Maps is four map tiles in the style of the Ogre map. Two maps have craters and rubble, one has just rubble, and one is open terrain. Use these maps on the sides, top, or bottom of the Ogre map to make it larger.

GEV Maps is five map tiles in the style of the GEV map. Use these to join two GEV maps together for a really big battlefield. They make all the roads, rivers, and other map features line up with each other. Alternately, you can use them down one or both sides of one GEV map to enlarge it.

Gallery of My Minis

Click on an image for a larger view.
Ogre Mark I Ogre Mark II Ogre Mark III Ogre Mark III-b
Ogre Mark I
Ogre Mark II
"GI Joe"
Ogre Mark III
Ogre Mark III-b
"The Cheat"
Ogre Mark IV Ogre Mark V Fencer-B


Ogre Mark IV
Officially named "Richard
Petty," but after its first
combat, it is now known
as "Helen Keller."
Ogre Mark V
"Fire Chief"
"Auric Goldfencer"
A Mark VI? A Dopp?
Another Mark III?
Decisions, decisions...
Combine armor Combine GEV's Paneuro armor Paneuro GEV's
Combine armor Combine GEV's Paneuro armor Paneuro GEV's

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